Careers Cannabis is an industry-leading cannabis job search engine in North America. Careers Cannabis strives to find the best and most relevant jobs as thousands of new jobs are added daily.

Female with tattoos sits in a marijuana cafe looking for a cannabis dispensary job on her tablet online

More than a resume

2020 permanently changed how we work, how we consume, how we engage. While every aspect of our life changes, finding a job remains a painful, long, difficult process. Today’s soulless job boards and search engines treat you like nothing more than a resume and job title.

You deserve better

Are you tired of only searching for a job by location or job title? Are you frustrated by not knowing more about a company before applying? Are you annoyed at never hearing back or filling out the same information multiple times?

Work from home frustrated father sits at his desk with a laptop open while son plays on his shoulders playing with his hair and eyeglasses while working remote
Three friends, two young males, one with a skateboard and female friend walk to local cannabis dispensary near me smiling and laughing

Better than a job board

Job boards and networking sites only reward the already connected. It’s all about who’s in your network, leaving many better-qualified people from being able to complete for the same opportunities.

Access for everyone

Not being able to find great opportunities is a loss for everyone; we all suffer as a community when the wrong person is hired. Companies depend on great people, and great people deserve to work for great companies.

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Four male co-workers at cannabis startup play video games while working from home remotely

Be your best

Finding the right job affords you the privilege to do the things you love, adding value, taking care of business, and connecting with your tribe. It means you can spend more time with family and friends enjoying the priceless. A stress-free job search allows you to be your best uninterrupted.

Built for the future

We’ve spent the last three years listening and learning from job seekers like yourself on what’s important. Learning about your goals, values, motivators, milestones, how you plan to make a difference, and build a better tomorrow.

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Meaningful work matters

It’s time for better access tools to discover emerging opportunities, engage with brands you’ll love and companies that share your values. Finally, you can search & match for a job fast, easy, better - on your terms, for the things that matter to you.